The restructuring and modernization project of the Avignon Opera House is under construction.

The works include the creation of a small room under the main theatre to stage other types of events such as cabarets or congresses.

The large theater retains its historic character. Its decorations and especially those of the dome will be upgraded. New seats will be installed and the seating capacity will be adjusted to 950 seats.

Studio DAP, in charge of acoustic design and execution, works alongside the architectural firm Fabre & Speller and the scenographer Kanju.

In addition to the acoustic design of the new room, our intervention in the great historical hall can be summarized as follows:

The back-end wall and the surfaces below the first balcony will be reconfigured; the decorations of the side walls will be removed and replaced by cladding favoring a homogeneous sound distribution at the audience floor level.

The orchestra pit will be enlarged and will present a shape favoring a better arrangement of musicians, brass and percussion in particular.

In addition, an acoustic variability in the pit’s far end wall and a diffusing treatment on the side walls will guarantee balanced playing conditions and effective coupling with the stage and the hall. A system of balustrades combining different acoustic treatments (transparency, reflection, absorption) and installed according to the repertoire and orchestral formations in the pit will participate in obtaining appropriate listening conditions in the theater.