01. Auditoriums

Mainly dedicated to music performances, we carefully design these spaces, in coordination with the architect and the theatre planner, to optimize background noise levels and the interaction between artists among themselves and with the audience, whether they are dedicated to symphonic, chamber, recitals or amplified music.


02. Opera Houses

A careful balance between orchestra in the pit, singers and perceived message by the public, the level of loudness, quietness and liveliness of the space are among the acoustic qualities we shape to define the right acoustics for opera houses as well as their repertoires.


03. Theatres

The spoken word is the principal means to convey the message and the emotion of the script to the audience, and the size, shape and finishes of the room are its main allies to make this possible. Intelligibility, sound projection, clarity and definition of the perceived sound are among the acoustic qualities we target.


04. Museography

Along with the Architect and museographers who design the exhibition spaces, we provide the acoustic input to the project to create a suitable acoustic environment that relates coherently and harmoniously with the size of the space, its visual aspect, use and content.


05. Ephemeral

Temporary constructions and installations for performances are a common practice in spaces that often are not specifically dedicated to this purpose. We provide acoustic design services to cater these special events that usually require creative solutions.

Design Criteria.

06. Acoustic Programme Writing

The acoustic quality of performing art halls is linked to several acoustic parameters that must be identified and specified in advance. This is to align the technical requirements with the artistic programme, to fulfill client needs and user expectations. We assist the client in the writing of the acoustic specifications programme and project supervision processes.

Acoustic adjustments.

07. Post-openning Services & Acoustic Adjustments

As the success of a hall depends both on the relevant use of technical capabilities as well as on how well they adapt to the artistic programme, we also offer post-opening services and assistance to the client for bringing the best out of the acoustic capabilities of the hall. This is particularly important in the case of variable acoustic systems and stage acoustical shells.

Amplified sound.

08.  Electroacoustic System Design

We carry out audio system design and acoustic modelling in order to predict and optimize sound reinforcement systems. This modelling integrates not only the direct sound coverage but also the full room effect and other obstacles for sound propagation. We use CATT-acoustic software to calibrate, simulate and prove our acoustic models.

Daily live.

09. Tertiary Buildings & More

Hospitality and hotel facilities, office buildings, educational facilities, multimedia libraries, media production facilities and large scale mixed-use developments among others possess a variety of acoustic specific needs that must be addressed in order to fulfill the acoustic requirements of every space within, according to its use and function.