The André Malraux cultural center, built in 1986 by the architect Mario BOTTA, is part of the great tradition of modern rationalist theaters, clearly distinguishing, by simple volumes, the different elements of the program: Lobby, foyer, auditorium with 1,000 seats, fly tower, backstage services and rehearsal room.

The architecture firm Fabre-Speller was chosen to carry out the project and renovations of the space, whose main objectives are to improve the acoustic intelligibility of the auditorium and to upgrade the stage and machinery equipment. Studio DAP is in charge of the project acoustics and Thierry Guignard is the theater planner.

The acoustic project of the auditorium aims to improve the acoustic coverage in the audience area, particularly in the center of the hall where a large zone suffers from bad acoustics in the case of non-amplified music and theater. It is characterized by low sound levels, poor intelligibility and insufficient envelopment. To remedy this, the reflectors in the upper part of the room will be reconfigured and the existing handrail in the center of the floor will be replaced by a system that alternates diffusing and acoustic reflective surfaces. The frequency balance of the auditorium’s response will be improved by reducing the sound absorption at high frequencies.

The Studio / Rehearsal Room will find a new life. The planned arrangements will promote excellent conditions for rehearsals by a certain amount of acoustic absorbing and reflective elements. It is a question of obtaining both a room with an early level of sound energy sufficient to optimize the intelligibility of the sound message (musical or spoken voice) and a controlled late sound energy to adjust the sound strength and the duration of reverberation to levels well-suited for rehearsals and work usage.

All work will be done respecting with the original project of Mr. Mario BOTTA.