New Paris Philharmonic Hall


Philharmonie de Paris
Philharmonie de Paris
Philharmonie de Paris
Philharmonie de Paris
Philharmonie de Paris
Philharmonie de Paris

Technical Specifications

Scope :
Construction of a new centre dedicated to music. Acoustics of the hall project excepting the interior acoustics of the Main concert hall.

Budget :
380 M€

Opening Date :

Architect :
Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Paris

Building acoustics:
Studio D A P

Theatre planner:
dUCKS scéno

Spaces seat count:
Symphony hall 2400 seats; two rehearsal and chamber music halls of 250 and 150 seats; studios, instrument section rehearsal rooms...

Surface :
17 900 m²

Client :
Association Philharmonique de Paris (state, city and region)

Website :
Philharmonie de Paris


Le Monde

The New Paris Philharmonic Hall is a concert hall of 2400 seats. It is mainly devoted to symphonic music, but also capable to host chamber orchestras and jazz or world music possessing a high quality audio equipment. Other than the philharmonic hall, the project houses a high-end cultural centre, composed of a professional music rehearsal area, a museum and exposition area and music educational facilities for young students.

Located in La Villette’s park next to the ‘City of Music’, the Philharmonie de Paris' inaugural concert took place on 14 january 2015.

The professional music rehearsal area contains:

  • Two large rehearsal rooms that can be used as music halls for chamber, baroque or the contemporary music scene.
  • A series of smaller rehearsal rooms, dedicated to small ensembles, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and vocal music.
  • Small music studios which offer the possibility of practicing to soloists and chamber musicians (two to four musicians). Finally, other rooms are intended for performers or composers in residence.

The area of the project dedicated to educational activities for young people will be composed of individual music practice rooms, music classrooms and ensemble rehearsal rooms.

Studio D A P had full design and construction supervision assignments for the following :

  • Noise isolation and Noise & Vibration Control for the 2 400 seat Concert Hall.
  • Room Acoustics, Noise isolation and Noise & Vibration Control for the entire Rehearsal Room zone, Museum, Conference Hall, Studios and the Educational Centre with music practice rooms of several sizes.