The project concerns the conversion of the MacDonald warehouse (19th arrondissement of Paris) in order to modify the functions of the existing part of the building and to create a new part according to the programme set by ParisNordEST, the site owner. Odile Decq is one of the architects who were selected to renovate the site. The programmme of her project involves the creation of premises for commercial purposes.

  • Business incubator dedicated to innovative businesses involved in digital technologies
  • A hotel unit dedicated to TPE and PME innovative business in the environment and sustainable development sectors.
  • 7 levels of Odile Decq’s office building are organized around a central patio.
  • The project is developed with a concern to sustainable development and respect for the environment (HEQ).
  • The location of the warehouse between the avenue and the railways presents some very important acoustic constraints.

There is also a particular interest for the protection of the building against the exterior noise and the vibrations so as for the acoustical comfort of the users.