This hotel, located on the eastern tip of the Île Saint-Louis, in Paris IVème, was built in 1640 by the architect Le Vau. This proves the qualities of the architect who had the knowhow of building one of the most magnificent mansions of the seventeenth century.

The hotel is mostly reputed for its garden, its rotonda and its façades.
The painters Lebrun and Lesueur worked on the interior decoration for five years. The “galerie d’Hercule”, located in the north wing announces the galerie des glaces at Versailles.

The restoration considers the following aspects:

  • the restoration and the conservation of the monument – listed as a historic monument,
  • the required facilities to meet the contemporary needs of a family home,
  • the upgrading and safety of electrical equipment for the preservation of the monument,
  • the conservation of the presented artworks
  • the comfort of the inhabitants

The acoustic treatments take into account the numerous constrains related to the conservation of a historic monument.

  • The wooden floors were never picked up by substantive work. In some of the rooms there is no filling between the joists which has a negative impact on the sound insulation between rooms. Against this, we’ve proposed an acoustic reinforcement without changing the thickness of the existing floor.
  • The external door and window frames date from the seventeenth and eighteenth century and are also retained. The panes will be replaced by a double glazing composed of an exterior blown glass as decoration and an interior laminated glass as acoustic treatment and protection against breaking.
  • Technical networks and ventilation will be implemented so as to avoid the discomfort of the users.
  • The planning of the bedrooms and other rooms also ensures the acoustic comfort of its occupants.