Located in the commune of Nanterre, the Centre Dramatique National Nanterre-Amandiers, has been breaking down boundaries between artists and their audiences ever since the theatre was established in the late 1960’s.

The theatre is known for its high-quality performances and openness to different theatrical concepts which attract some of the most prestigious artists and theatre directors, such as the late Patrice Chéreau, from 1982 to 1990.

As a result of an international competition in 2018 the Norwegian architects Snøhetta, supported by SRA Architectes, along with a team of engineering specialists, including Studio DAP as acoustic consultants and Kanju as Theater Planners, had been appointed as the lead designer of the renovation.

The mission of STUDIO DAP is to re-design the acoustics of the existing Large Hall, the Modular Room, as well as designing the acoustics of a new small performing space, two new Studios for rehearsals and small size shows, and a new theater rehearsal room.

The main environmental acoustics issues for sound insulation are related to the preservation of the existing environment by strengthening the existing envelopes of “noisy” rooms and appropriate sizing of new buildings.

Relative to room acoustics, the focus will be pointed to the acoustic enhancement of the existing rooms and on the acoustic design of the new ones.

Among the acoustic challenges found in the existing halls, as per a preliminary study undertaken by Peutz Consultants, and subsequently confirmed by theoretical studies along with a preliminary simulation exercise undertaken by Studio DAP, an unbalance in the acoustic frequency response of the hall as well as a non-homogeneous acoustic coverage on the audience are present, which will be addressed in the ongoing design process.

The external appearance of the building will drastically change by a flexible lobby space which will provide more visibility and transparency between inner and outer areas, helping to reconnect the Theatre with the city.