The former travel goods factory, which since 1992 has been the production site of the Saint-Céré Festival and Haut Quercy, has been expanded and modernized to accommodate a new theater with a capacity of 400 seats.

Rectangular but slightly asymmetrical, with a generous volume, this room was designed mainly to enhance theater and opera performances blending the word and the singing voice.

Envelopment, strength, clarity and precision of the perceived sound are favored thanks to a suitable acoustic and ergonomic treatment. The main features are shown below:

  • at the level of the walls up to mid-height, acoustic treatments differentiated according to their location: mainly diffusing and reflective in the near surroundings of the stage, rather diffusing and absorbing toward the back of the room;
  • at ceiling level, rather absorbent;
  • acoustic reflectors suspended from the ceiling above the scenic and public spaces with inclinations and heights calculated according to their location and their acoustic contribution (support of the actors and / or return of the sound to the spectators).

While preserving a very good speech intelligibility, this design allows to keep a certain “presence” of the acoustic response of the room by preserving a relatively long reverberation time, helped by the generosity of its volume.

All these attributes:

  • Clarity, precision and intelligibility of the sound message,
  • Envelopment or the feeling of being surrounded and overwhelmed by sound,
  • Reverberation time

Guarantee appropriate listening conditions for theater and lyric performances, as well as acoustic musical concerts (e.g. recitals, chamber orchestras).