The Hôtel de la Marine building is listed as an Historic Monument by the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, and is the subject of an ambitious restoration project mainly carried by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux. The monument renovation project program has three main components:

  • National Monuments Center: it concerns the circuit of public visits, the permanent exhibition spaces, the lobbies, the shop library, the temporary exhibition gallery, the management offices and the office space for the Marine Academy.
  • Gastronomic heritage enhancement program: it concerns museum spaces regarding table decor, cooking workshops for children and adults, shops on table decor, a café, and a restaurant. It mainly occupies the first two levels of the hotel
  • Offices program: it concerns the high-end and middle-end office spaces for rent on the upper levels of the building and their lobby areas on the ground floor.

The acoustic intervention of Studio D A P mainly concerns the following topics:

  • internal acoustic comfort of the various spaces;
  • intrusive noise isolation;
  • acoustic isolation between adjacent and superimposed premises