The project lies on different levels lined by the avenue Saint-Exupéry and respecting the morphology of the site. The result is an impression of a compact but also ethereal building, perfectly integrated in its natural environment. The net area is about 2277m², spread over three levels:

  • Level 0 – 560 m², auditorium: 300 seated or 500 standing. It can host a wide range of live performances like dance, theatre, amplified music and other. This level will also include a room for artistic practices, rehearsal studios and administrative and technical offices.
  • Level 1 – The intermediate level consists of the lobby, which provides different types of facilities. This will be the reception area, but also a place for the public to meet and exchange views. There will also be a press stand to inform the public about the upcoming events.
  • Level 2 – 654 m²: A multimedia library, which gives the impression of being suspended in the trees.

This project respects the small scale of the city and follows the idea of being a landmark in the same time. Its technical quality, the auditorium, the theatre and the art workshops will be the centre of recreational and educational activities. These functions will lead to population movements from downtown to the southern districts, as an opportunity for many inhabitants of Bastia to discover them and get to know them better.

The adaptability of the platform offers the possibility of developing several projects for which the unique scene of the theatre is inappropriate. The cultural profile of these activities –practically devoted to amplified music – is mostly intended for the youth offering two additional rehearsal studios.

A cinematic activity is also scheduled, to offer the opportunity of attending projections. Through this general idea, one might think that it could be possible to relocate several events of various festivals in the Cultural Center of Bastia.