The SIAAP Cité de l’eau aims to set up an educational tool that is intelligible to all types of visitors (staff of different qualifications, scientists, students, schoolchildren) offering the possibility of a tailor-made course, both in the duration and in the content organization. It is above all an instrument of work and communication of knowledge.

The general scenography of the hall offers, from the event platform, a global vision of the entire route. It brings into resonance 3 large entities; the “water light” wall, the “aquarium fresco”, the “village of theaters”. Each entity has a particular sound personality, linked to its vocation, thanks to its dimensions and the acoustic treatment of its surfaces.

SIAAP shares its documentary resources with water professionals, students and young people.

Studio D A P participated in this project as part of the project management studies up to the CD phase, when the project was temporarily abandoned.