Studio D A P is the client´s assistant in the context of the development of the modular/multipurpose room and the construction of workshops on the site of the Opéra Bastille, of which we wrote the acoustic program.

The project of the Opera Bastille initially had a modular/multipurpose room, finally abandoned after completion of the structural work. In the portion of the volume that was intended to integrate the stage, a rehearsal room was built in 2005, for the orchestras of the Opera, the Liebermann hall.

The modular/multipurpose room will be arranged in the volume that was originally intended. It will host rehearsals and shows, with a capacity between 600 and 800 seats, with the ability to easily clear all chairs, to obtain a configuration of a flat room.

It will also include a configurable orchestra pit that can accommodate ensembles of different sizes.

A new rehearsal room will also be created to replace the Liebermann hall. The main goal of the orchestra’s rehearsal room will be to allow the rehearsals of performances that will be held later on in the Opera Bastille and Opera Garnier, as well as various repertoires, configurations and number of musicians (symphony orchestra with and without choirs, more restricted formations for chamber music, etc.).