The Bartók National Concert Hall is a variable acoustics concert hall, located in the Palace of Arts in Budapest. The concert hall has approximately 1700 seats capacity and provides local and visiting performing arts by showcasing a wide variety of musical events. It is also home to the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra, and regularly hosts concerts by the Budapest Festival Orchestra.

A fundamental part of Artec Consultants mission – as acousticians and theatre planners, was to provide flexibility in order to expand the possibilities of the space. For this reason, it was proposed to integrate adjustable seating elements, adjustable acoustics systems, rigging, and production lighting systems. Under this concept the theatre’s adaptability to a wide variety of programs was achieved with the following actions:

  • The installation of an overhead acoustic canopy.
  • Acoustic curtains around the whole perimeter of the room.
  • Reverberation chambers coupled to the main room via a system of concrete doors located at the side walls of the room.
  • Motorised Chorus risers and concert platform extension