Design of an ensemble for performance and practice mainly devoted to jazz music under the direction of the trumpet player Wynton Marsalis.

The cultural complex includes a multipurpose theatre with a 1220 seats capacity and orchestra pit, in which it is possible to present a variety of shows such as jazz, opera, dance and concert music. This is feasible with a mobile tower system, which surrounds the stage and can be occupied by the audience. The arrangement of these towers can change the performance space so as to be adapted to other shows like opera or dance by creating a proscenium.

The Allen Room (483 seats), and the jazz café (200 seats), can be used for jazz lessons, dance, and other educational activities and concerts of amplified music.

The « Allen Room », is a modular room dedicated to jazz and other kinds of amplified music, offering a magnificent view to Colombus Circle and the southern part of Central Park.