Studio DAP has been appointed as the Acoustician for the Renovation of the Espace Klaus Michael GRÜBER, an old army building reconverted into a rehearsal and performance space, part of the Téâtre National de Strasbourg facilities, that offers a set of additional creation spaces which complement the existing historical halls of the TNS.

The design team is led by Fabre & Speller Architects with offices in Paris and Clermont-Ferrand. Thierry Guignard is the theater planner of the project.

The design includes a central lobby which will act as a circulation area for the public, artists and technicians into the performance spaces and ancillary areas like storage rooms, accommodation, etc. The rehearsal and performance spaces called the “Hall” and the “Studio” will be renovated. The works will involve acoustics and stage and machinery infrastructure.

Due to the change of the layout of the facilities the “Studio” will be a complete new room which will be designed following the box in box system to improve acoustic isolation and will be constructed in wood. Its interior acoustics will be conceived to provide a high quality playing and rehearsing environment for artists and public.