La Empresa

Studio D A P

En 2005, Federico Cruz-Barney se unió a tres personalidades de renombre de distintos ámbitos profesionales para fundar Studio DAP: Hans Verbugt, Richard Denayrou y Jean-Hugues Manoury. Todos ellos comparten su amor por la música, las artes y las técnicas del espectáculo. Con sus amplios y sólidos conocimientos culturales, científicos y técnicos, lo dotaron de una singularidad que siempre ha demostrado su valía: Studio DAP combina una sensibilidad y un saber hacer relevantes para el diseño refinado de la acústica de las salas de espectáculos.


Intervention domains

Our experience in room acoustics applies to ergonomic and technical feasibility studies, as well as in the complete development of the project from conception to delivery. It integrates all aspects related to the design of room acoustics:• Internal acoustic quality and comfort• Control of noise and vibrations from technical equipment• Acoustic insulation between spaces


Work philosophy

The qualities of our staff, as well as our work philosophy, lead us to offer our services very soon in the course of the project.Working with the client, the architect and the theater consultant of the project, continuing with all the project design phases, including the construction supervision, allow us the best adaptation of the acoustic design to the artistic project and the architectural concept, thus guaranteeing a harmonious and integrated result.

Acoustic follow-up

And then...

At Studio D A P we are convinced that the success of a project does not end with the reception and its delivery.As the success of a room depends both on the relevant use of technical capabilities as well as on how well they adapt to the programme, we also offer post-opening services and assistance to the client for bringing the best out of the acoustic capabilities of the hall. This is particularly important in the case of variable acoustic systems and stage acoustical shells.