Château d'Oléron


Château d'Oléron
Château d'Oléron
Château d'Oléron
Château d'Oléron

Technical Specifications

Scope :
Creation of a performance hall in the citadel of Château d’Oléron

Budget :
3.5 M€

Opening Date :

Architect :
Fabre Speller Architectes, Paris et Clermont-Ferrand

Studio D A P

Seat count :
300 seats

Client :
Mairie du Château d’Oléron

This project consists on the creation of a 300-seats performance hall located in the citadel of Chateau d’Oleron.

A 70 metres long building will house the theatre with its balconies, the stage, the bar, the control room, the meeting room, the exhibition hall and the galleries.

Studio D A P was in charge for the acoustic design of this renovation dialoguing with a very important issue: the creation of an acoustic environment respecting the architectural identity of the place.